Robotic Lawn Mowers in Extreme Conditions: Conquering Different Terrains with Ease

Robotic Lawn Mowers in Extreme Conditions: Conquering Different Terrains with Ease

Access any blog or article out there about robot mowers, and you will find yourself faced with content about the benefits of robot mowers, how versatile they are, and how easy and convenient they are to use.

Published: March 2024

And they are! Robotic lawn mowers are designed to remove the arduous task of lawn mowing from your schedule and enable you to put yours and your team’s time to better use. While the robot mower takes on the brunt of lawn care and maintenance, you can deliver more efficient ground work across the rest of the outside space and guarantee unrivalled quality throughout the cutting season.

Suffice to say, the benefits of robotic lawn mowers cannot be argued or downplayed. But how do they cope against extreme conditions, obstacles, and difficult terrains?

In this blog, we’re sharing a little more about the prowess of robot lawn mowers in challenging conditions – to help you decide if a robot mower is right for you.

What are challenging conditions that a robot mower might need to navigate?

One of the most common conditions that is considered challenging when it comes to lawnmowing is ground which is marked by various lumps, bumps, dips, and hills. Whether it’s compact mole hills or the rough grass of rolling countryside, dealing with challenging terrain is what some robot mowers are built for – and is why you will notice that some models have thickset and chunky wheels while others are more streamlined.

In addition to navigating the ground itself, some of the other challenging conditions that you need to be aware of when purchasing a robot mower include lengthy trips out and back from the charging port, and uneven and high sward levels.

Essentially, an all-terrain robot mower is a bit like an off-road vehicle. Keep reading for some of the ways that robot mowers are designed to manage and navigate challenging ground conditions.   

How does a robot mower deal with rough terrain?

To understand how robot lawn mowers deal with different terrains and cutting conditions, you need to know a little more about how these units are designed and the different components that make up their design.

A robot mower is a self-contained unit set on wheels, which has rotating blades mounted into the mower above the ground.

The number one feature to consider when shopping for rough terrain is the size and design of the wheels – not just offering great traction but also holding the unit slightly higher above the ground to minimise damage from lumps and bumps. Often these mowers will replace the sleek and streamlined design with a chunkier build and will have robust wheels with thick tyres to navigate and move over and around the rough ground.

Moving onto the blades themselves, you will find that robot mowers that are built for all-terrain usage have a number of blades that perform different functions. In addition, these rough round mowers will generally have a larger battery with a longer life span to allow for lengthy trips out and back without the risk of running low on battery mid-cut.

And finally, we have to consider the sensors. The sensors on any robot mower need to be high in quality so that they can distinguish between a particularly overgrown patch of grass, a garden ornament, and the neighbour’s cat. But when seeking a mower for challenging terrain, you need that sensor to be able to recognise obstacles and know when it is close to a steep drop or a high gradient climb. These same sensors should also be able to monitor weather conditions and alter the cutting schedule accordingly, and make sure that the mower remains within the programmed cutting space.

Do you need a robot mower for your terrain?

There are some situations, locations, and scenarios which lend themselves to robot mowers and automated mowing systems – and there are some that don’t.

If you’re looking for convenience and a tool that will maximise your ground maintenance team while delivering a consistent finish, then a robot mower is the right investment for you. And with so many different models available, including those for rough terrain and sleek domestic gardens, our team are ready to help find the perfect tool for you.

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