Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers: Revolutionising Grounds Maintenance for Businesses

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers: Revolutionising Grounds Maintenance for Businesses

The rise in the use of robotic lawn mowers is marking a shift in the way that grounds maintenance teams work and manage their time.

Published: April 2024

While traditional lawn mowers require a great deal of human intervention and time, robotic lawn mowers remove the need for manual operation completely – taking charge of one of the most mundane tasks and leaving maintenance teams free to focus on other projects.

How this time is used will depend on the business and its priorities. Some businesses invest in robot mowers to manage their outside space, so that they don’t need gardeners and wider teams. Others will use a robot mower as part of their grounds maintenance program so that they can funnel their time into other jobs such as watering flower beds and maintaining pathways.

Regardless, the overarching benefit of a robotic lawn mower is that it removes the need for someone to spend hours mowing the lawn. In this blog, we’re looking at the impact that this has on commercial grounds maintenance for businesses.

Why is grounds maintenance important for businesses?

There is no arguing with the fact that your business’s outside space is crucial in supporting a good first impression. A well-manicured lawn is also one of the easiest ways to immediately highlight the care and attention that a business places in that first impression that clients, customers, suppliers, and visitors receive.

On another level, good ground maintenance takes health and safety into consideration, ensuring that paths are well maintained and that the grass is free from the lumps and bumps of an unmanicured lawn.

So, why choose a robot mower to deliver all of this?

The benefits of a robot mower in delivering good grounds maintenance

A robot mower is just one example of how commercial businesses can streamline their operations and ensure that their resources are funnelled into the best and most important initiatives.

If a business or commercial property has a small grounds maintenance team on hand to manage their outside space, investing in a robot mower means that the team has more time to use in and across other ventures.

Similarly, if a grounds maintenance business invests in a robotic mower, they are able to use the mower to mow the grass while using manpower and other resources to trim hedges, cut back rogue tree branches, and maintain flower beds and shrubs.

Here are just some of the benefits of a robot mower, aside from the obvious time-saving component.

Lawn mowing that doesn’t interrupt your schedule

For one thing, a robot mower can be programmed to complete its role at any time of the day or night. If you’re maintaining a public garden or pitch, the mower can work overnight to minimise disruption to the use of an outside space.

Quiet but efficient

Robot lawn mowers are both time and sound efficient. Far from the loud hum of a traditional lawn mower which uses petrol or diesel fuel, a robot mower is small and incredibly quiet to use. This is particularly important for those who want to use their robot mower during unsociable hours, ensuring that early morning and midnight mowing does not disturb neighbouring properties.

Safety concerns

Another thing worth considering is the safety elements of a robot lawn mower. These mowers are designed with both domestic and commercial use in mind. Among other features, one particularly notable aspect of a robot mower is the fact that the blades are sat underneath the main body of the mower and do not pose a direct risk to pets and children who may come across the mower on its travels.

The very role of a robot mower also removes the manual act of lawn mowing from a groundskeeper’s or gardener’s schedule, reducing the risk of injury to workers.

Eco-friendly grounds maintenance  

Then we come to the environmental benefits of robot lawn mowers – something that more and more businesses are concerned with as they seek to highlight eco-friendly initiatives to their clients and customers.

An increasing number of businesses are recognising the need to support values that their customers believe in – such as sustainability and environmentally friendly operations. Opting for a robot mower which reduces carbon emissions and protects the surrounding environment is just one way of showing this switch to greener ideas.

Investing in a robot mower for your business

If a robot mower sounds like the right investment for your business, whether you are maintaining a small outside space or managing a full-scale outdoor operation, the GroundTech team can help. Get in touch to learn more about the different mowers and to find your perfect match.

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