Common Issues and Solutions for Robot Lawn Mowers: Troubleshooting Guide

Common Issues and Solutions for Robot Lawn Mowers: Troubleshooting Guide

Robot mowers are notorious for being incredibly reliable come rain or shine; largely managing themselves by following pre-programmed boundary lines and sward heights with ease.

Published: January 2024

Safe to say, robot mowers boast a comprehensive and complex system of mechanics that keep them moving and ensure that the lawn or expanse of grass is maintained and cut to the correct height.

Of course, what this means is that when something goes wrong or the mower won’t start, the problem can be more difficult to identify.

To help iron out some of the most common reasons why robot lawn mowers might not start, and to get you started with some basic troubleshooting, we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to the common issues which plague robot mowers, and their solutions.

What are the most common reasons why robot lawn mowers won’t start?

As we start to unpack some of the most common issues which can affect robot mowers, it’s important to start by identifying the main components of a mower.  

First on this list is sensors. Sensors play a major role in the everyday operations of a robot lawn mower, managing the boundary lines that the mower follows, the weather, any obstacles, and the height of the grass that it is cutting. In fact, sensors are so important that when something goes wrong, there’s a high chance that something is interrupting or damaging those sensors in some way.

Another thing to consider is the charging portal. The charging port is where your robot mower goes to reboot, with an integrated homing beacon returning the mower to this port at the end of each session. If something is wrong with the charging port, then your robot mower will not receive the boost in power that it needs to remain fully functional – and you might see its performance or longevity starting to wane as a result.

Then we have the mower blades. If these are not sharp enough to complete the job effectively, you will see the performance of your mower affected. From a troubleshooting perspective, this is one of the easiest issues to rectify as it simply requires the blades to be replaced – something that is offered as part of a regular health and maintenance check as standard.

Finally, it’s worth noting the importance of the app in managing the mower’s position and task list. If something goes wrong with the app and its connection with the mower, then the mower will not be able to access the program correctly. What’s more, damage or an interruption to this connection will impact your ability to track the mower and monitor its progress.

How do you troubleshoot a lawn mower?

As you might have guessed, the best place to start is with the user manual – which should provide a basic outline of all the above issues and how you can rectify minor issues yourself.

Other things to do include cleaning your mower after each use and conducting a thorough clean at the end of the mowing season, and tapping into a regular maintenance service and health check to keep your mower working optimally.

A guide to robot mower maintenance: The importance of a regular service

With all that in mind, what can you do to keep your robot lawn mower in the best possible condition during the full mowing season and beyond?

Here at Groundtech, our robot mower maintenance service combines a full health check with a service, testing the individual components and ensuring that every part of the mower is operating both effectively and efficiently. During this maintenance check, which we recommend investing in on an annual basis, blades will be changed and updated as required, while the inner mechanics, GPS mapping systems, and more will be tested for optimum performance.

Perhaps the most notable benefit of robot mower maintenance from an owner’s perspective is the money you will save on repair. Troubleshooting a robot mower that won’t start, often throws up underlying issues that could have been avoided with a thorough maintenance check. Many of these are issues which become most costly the longer the issue is ignored; a regular maintenance and service check is the best way to identify these issues before they become a hefty financial burden.

Groundtech offers this service on a subscription basis that saves you even more money, combining the rolling annual health check with 24/7 advice and guidance on keeping your mower running efficiently.

And if you find that your robot lawn runs into problems between your annual service and scheduled maintenance check, Groundtech’s team are here to help. Please note that any servicing and repair work which is needed outside of your annual check-up will be priced on a case by case basis. For a more detailed quote, please get in touch directly to discuss.

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