Robot Maintenance

Invest in the Health of your Clean Green Machine

Investing in a robot to manage the ongoing maintenance of your landscape is an ideal and convenient solution – however, all machines need maintaining.

Here at GroundTech, we believe that maintenance is better than repair – something which is reflected both in the robotic products we provide and the additional services we offer. That’s why our maintenance service remains one of the most popular additions we offer to clients and customers who invest in our robotics solutions.

Health Checklist

As part of the annual health check and full service, your robot will be tested to ensure it is operating effectively and efficiently, with vital cleaning and periodic blade changes where and when required.

By offering a rolling subscription service as well as 24/7 advice and remote support on how to maintain your robot, we help to keep repair costs at a minimum and ensure that any issues are identified and fixed long before they start to impact your robot’s operational efficiency.


The Benefits of our Maintenance Service

When you sign up to our maintenance service, we arm you with the assurance that your robot will be thoroughly checked on an annual basis by someone who is trained in both the operations and inner mechanics of your machine. In addition, you will benefit from the support of our team via a remote GSM connection, which allows us to log into the robotic system and identify any issues outside of your annual service, as well as unlimited monitoring and support when required.

The biggest benefit heralded by customers is the ability to save on repair costs if something goes wrong. When you join our 12 month subscription, you benefit from the long term guarantee that issues will be dealt with quickly and effectively and that every component of your robot will be thoroughly checked on an annual basis.

Just some of the detailed services that our subscription clients have access to include:

  • Onsite service repairs if required
  • Replacement Lithium Ion Phosphate (LIFePO4) battery
  • Remote maintenance and reprogramming via GSM

At the end of each maintenance check, you will be presented with a report outlining the service and any repairs or adjustments made to your robot, for full transparency and peace of mind. And as always, our phone line is always open to clients with more questions, or for those who need assistance or repair advice in between maintenance checks.

The Costs and Fine Print

The annual maintenance service varies depending on the level of repair work required and the location of your business or premises. Any servicing and repair work which is needed outside of your annual check up will be priced on a case by case basis. For a more detailed quote, please get in touch directly to discuss.

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