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Give Your Grounds the

5-Star Treatment

With the hospitality sector covering restaurants, hotels, venues, event spaces, diners, bars, and everything in between, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the delivery of a 5-star service.

However, while every hospitality business has its own USP which helps it to stand out, one thing that remains the same across all businesses and venues is the need to deliver well manicured, well maintained surroundings for guests to enjoy. And with modern standards higher than ever before, managing expectations and delivering impressive results can be a challenge.

Our range of automated robotic mowers are designed to take on the foundational role of grass and turf management, presenting you with the precision-perfect blank canvas on which to build an attractive outdoor space for your guests to enjoy.

Luscious Lawns for Lazy Summer Lunches

The mark of a good hospitality space, whether you serve food, drinks, neither, or both, is the setting. It doesn’t matter where in the world your venue or business is located – with the right attention to detail, any space can be transformed to support your hospitality venture.

Automated mowing allows for you to benefit from well kept, luscious lawns and grassland all year round, with the remote control integration letting you simply program your mower and walk away – safe in the knowledge that the results will be both consistent and precise.

The five cutting heads of the robotic mower adapt seamlessly to the ground they are working on…

With the sharp blades trimming grass to present a neat finish – mulching all clippings back into the ground to act as a natural fertiliser. Operating on battery charge, not only does the automated mower work quietly for minimum interruption but it works within the realms of a sustainable modern solution – reducing your carbon output exponentially.

Raise a Glass with GroundTech

When you partner with GroundTech, our team works directly with you to identify the robotic mower that best compliments your hospitality venue and outdoor space.

Whether you are looking to streamline the management of expansive grounds, or eradicate the need for an external contractor to mow your lawn on a regular basis, the robotic mower is an accessible solution that’s built to be flexible, versatile, and adaptable.