Robot Customisation

Move from Contractor to Sponsor with one simple upgrade.

Robot Customisation is the latest service that we are proud to offer here at GroundTech, which allows groundskeeping businesses and service providers to boost exposure to their branding both before and during maintenance jobs and projects.

With the ability to personalise and customise robots with branding, robotic mowers can be sponsored by local businesses, funded by the council, or used as part of your own organic marketing drive, with the added branding linking the device back to its sponsor or owner.

The beauty of this added customisation is that not only does the robot become a part of your visual marketing or sponsorship campaign, but it also brightens up your robot and makes it much more difficult to steal – boosting the security of your device.

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How Robot Customisation Works

You tell us which logos and/or messages to add to the outer shell of your robot, and we will bring it to life in vibrant colour and clear lettering. Weather-proof, our quality customisation is unaffected by external conditions and will remain in place for as long as you need it to.

Some examples of how your robot could be customised include:

  • Adding the logo of a local sponsor who funds the outdoor maintenance of their park and green spaces, to increase support and potential further sponsorship.
  • Adding the logo of the groundskeeping business that completes local outdoor projects, to act as part of their organic marketing and to let people know who is responsible for the upkeep of their outside spaces.
  • Adding the name of the local team who use the pitch, to boost support.

You could even use our customisation tool and service to add a seasonal message to your robot, or to promote a specific deal – the options are endless and help to get your business, brand, or message out there in the line of sight of your community.

If robot customisation sounds like something you’re interested in, our team are here to advise on everything from turnaround time to costs and the end to end process.

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