Top 5 Robot Mower Models for Easy Lawn Maintenance

Top 5 Robot Mower Models for Easy Lawn Maintenance

Caring for your lawn is not as straightforward as it sounds, with effective lawn maintenance requiring a calendar of tasks and a comprehensive understanding of what can be done, how often, and when.

Published: October 2023

Lawn mowing is one task on the to-do list of most homeowners and groundskeepers, whether managing a small garden or a large outdoor estate. But let’s be honest… it doesn’t always feel like the best use of skills and resources, not to mention time. Which is where robot mowers come in.

Once considered an exclusive investment for affluent landowners and vast commercial businesses, robot mowers are now more affordable and accessible than ever before. They make outdoor maintenance work easier, granting homeowners and groundskeeping teams the benefit of time and energy saved – while achieving a consistent, unrivalled cut across their lawn area.

But with so many different models on the market, some built for tighter budgets while others are better suited to larger areas or more complex layouts, how do you know which mower to invest in?

In this blog, we’re introducing five leading models that are currently available on the market. First, what are the benefits of robot mowers and are they a worthwhile investment?

The benefits of robot mowers

It doesn’t matter how large your grounds are or how complex the layout of your lawn is – robot mowers are designed to conduct a thorough and price cut across the lawn, delivering consistent results with the ability to navigate around obstacles and return to the charging port when necessary.

Connected to an app which can be accessed and controlled remotely via your smartphone, a robot mower can be programmed with the layout of your space, using integrated mapping technology to set boundaries and identify the areas of lawn to be cut and to what length/density.

This incredible convenience not only delivers great results across your lawn, all without the need for manual mowing, but it also presents a more sustainable alternative to standard lawnmowers. Robot mowers help reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 90%, and even mulch the clippings back into the ground to facilitate great lawn nutrition and future growth.

While these are all benefits which unite robot mowers with a common goal, when deciding which mower to invest in you need to focus on the minute details. Here are five leading models – identifying what’s good about them, and what kind of lawn they are suitable for.

Bigmow GPS-RTK

The largest robot mower in the Groundtech collection, suitable for outside spaces up to 74,000m² and with five rotating heads which help the mower to achieve a precise and even cut across vast areas of lawn, the clue really is in the name of the Bigmow GPS-RTK.

15 individual blades and a cutting width of up to 103 cm allow this mower to cover large expanses of ground in a short amount of time, making it a commercial grounds maintenance team’s dream, and the perfect addition to a professional team. Other benefits include the app which makes it easy to plot and manage boundaries, and a wide cutting range from 20mm to 100mm.

Bigmow Connected

A smaller version of the aforementioned Bigmow GPS-RTK, this mower is best suited to outdoor spaces measuring around 24,000m². Considered one of the best models in the world, this robot mower is operated by 5 rotating heads with 15 individual blades, all of which are retractable for optimum safety around obstacles.

The electromagnetic guidance system enables this mower to detect the boundaries that you pre-program into the app, while the homing beacon ensures that the mower returns to its base for charging. Remote updates keep the mower connected with the latest software changes and updates automatically and with impeccable ease.

Parcmow GPS-RTK

This is the go-to mower for those who want to maximise the precision and perfection of their lawn. As such, this is a great option for those curating public areas and vast estate grounds, with a maximum mowing of around 45,000m².

What makes this collection different from the Bigmow mowers is the number of rotating heads and individual blades, which are smaller to facilitate tighter corners and more elaborate configurations. This mower is better for navigating tight bends and lines, with a maximum width of 633mm owing to its 9 blades and 3 heads.

Parcmow Connected

One of the more affordable robot mowers available through Groundtech, the Parcmow Connected mower boasts a much smaller mowing capacity at 12,000m². The recommended go-to mower for domestic buyers as well as those managing more contained public and commercial spaces, one of the biggest benefits of the Parcmow Connected mower is its integrated track and trace system – not to mention the remote updates, retractable blades which allow it to navigate obstacles and tight corners, and the integrated app.

McCulloch ROB S400

Last but not least, the McCulloch ROB S400, which is considered a great all-rounder by domestic gardeners and commercial grounds maintenance teams alike.

The McCulloch S400 model is suitable for lawns up to 400 square metres in size, with the larger models (S600 and S1200) built for larger lawns respectively. With precision the ultimate goal, the McCulloch robot mower uses its rotating blades to achieve not just a consistent cut but one with a smooth and soft texture.

Other benefits include the flexible boundary and mapping technology, and the versatile programming options which allow the mower to be active day or night as preferred.

Choosing the right mower for you

All of the above models are recognised by professional and domestic gardeners alike for their convenience and quality – helping you to achieve a picture-perfect lawn with ease. For more advice on selecting the right mower for you, and to access tips on maximising the results of a robot mower, the Groundtech team are here to help. 

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