How to Prepare a Garden for a Robotic Lawn Mower: Tips and Requirements

How to Prepare a Garden for a Robotic Lawn Mower: Tips and Requirements

There are countless reasons why you might decide to invest in a robotic lawn mower. Designed to optimise efficiency, enabling you to funnel resources into more important and creative ventures across your grounds maintenance checklist, a robotic mower takes on the brunt of lawn care and presentation.

Published: April 2024

It will also mow your lawn to a length and density of your choosing, mulching clippings back into the ground to facilitate a healthy sward and protect the ground from being damaged by the weight of a traditional mower.

All of this is contained in a device which is designed to work for you.

Managed by an app, a robotic mower is largely self-sufficient and will follow the boundaries laid out by you – using the app and GPS technology, or the app and a corresponding boundary wire.

This is where things start to get a little more complicated. Because, while some robotic mowers use GPS signalling to recognise where the mower is and where it needs to go to cover the full expanse of ground, others rely on the presence of a built-in boundary wire.

The role of boundary wire in preparing your garden for a robotic mower

When seeking out the right robotic mower for your outside space or garden, you can choose between one which is fully integrated with RTK satellite technology, or one which requires a boundary wire that is buried into the ground and used as a boundary guide for the device to follow.

The RTK satellite technology mowers use a signal to determine exactly where on a site they are positioned and where the outer edge of the cutting area is. Boundary wire offers a more direct and defined edge around the area, which the mower can read and react to.

If your mower requires a boundary wire, then this is an intrinsic piece of preparatory work that you will need to do as a homeowner or ground manager. The wire needs to be dug into the ground at the correct depth, deep enough that it won’t be disturbed by everyday footfall and ground use – but not so deep that it becomes difficult for the mower to read.

Clearing your garden of obstacles and hazards

While there is a sensor built into your robot mower which will allow it to skate around furnishings and garden accessories on its mowing route, our advice is to clear away unnecessary obstacles and hazards which may cause your mower issues in delivering a consistent cut.

Debris such as garden toys and small lawn ornaments and accessories can cause damage to the blades of your robot mower, while larger obstacles – while avoided by the mower – will leave your ground uneven in its cut.

Work out where the “base” will be

Your robot mower is largely self-sufficient and will take itself off to complete a regular cut on the basis laid out in your app.

But even the most self-sufficient devices need time to recharge their batteries, with one of the most important preparatory stages being to decide where your mower’s charging station will be. A homing beacon installed into this station and the mower itself will ensure that your mower always makes it back to charge when not in use. The best location for this base is somewhere accessible, located close to the lawn or ground which is being mowed for ease of use and access.

Set your blade height according to the ground and sward

Another thing you need to consider when preparing your ground and garden for a robotic mower is the height of your mower blades and how you want to instruct them to mow your lawn.

The flexible design and build of most automated and robot mowers is that they can be set to the right cutting height according to the way your outside space is used. From the short sward of a pitch to the longer grass of a nature walk or private garden, making your mower work for you and your space is one of the benefits of your investment.

Finding the right robot mower for you

While a robot mower is no doubt an investment, the time-saving and environmental benefits are wide-ranging – taking your outside space from a burden to a manicured, low-maintenance haven.

The preparatory stages outlined in this blog are all designed to optimise the efficiency of your mower and how it works, though of course, the first stage you need to consider is choosing the right mower for you. This is where GroundTech, a team of experts in the automated and robotic lawn mower sphere, can help. Get in touch with us directly to learn more about the range of mowers available and how to narrow your search down to find the right model for you.

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