The Best Robot Lawn Mowers of 2024: Which one fits your unique lawn care needs?

The Best Robot Lawn Mowers of 2024: Which one fits your unique lawn care needs?

There are plenty of reasons why more and more avid gardeners, estate managers, and groundskeeping teams are turning to robot lawn mowers to keep their outside spaces fresh and manicured.

Published: January 2024

Not only does a robot mower remove some of the pressure on your team or task list, taking on the workload associated with lawn maintenance so that you and/or your team can focus on other projects, but it also delivers a high standard finish every time – come rain or shine.

The comprehensive benefits of robot lawn mowers have made them a must-have for outdoor maintenance teams across the UK and beyond. But which are the best brands, makes, and models for 2024?

In this blog, we share some of the leading robot mower brands – and offer our advice on how to select the mower which best fits your unique lawn care needs.

What is the best robot lawn mower brand?

There are a number of recommended robot mower brands out there which combine quality results with excellent value and a durable, reliable design and build.

One of the top brands on the market at the moment is Kress – with Stiga coming in a close second. Other popular brands among gardeners in particular include Stihl and Flymo, both of which offer smaller units which are well suited to compact areas of lawn and grass.


The Kress range of commercial mowers is one of the best brands for those groundskeeping teams and outdoor specialists who work across large sites. The Kress mowers are durable with chunky wheels, boasting excellent grip and the ability to complete seamless turns and navigate even complex outside spaces.

Kress mowers deliver precision across all lawns and grass sites. They have integrated tracking systems and provide remote updates to your connected device or mobile app as required. Buyers can choose between a number of different sizes, each equipped to deal with different surface areas.


Another brand which is made with large projects and outside areas in mind, the Stiga range of robot mowers is sleek in design and boasts three different sizes depending on the average surface area that you want to cover.

Despite not looking as robust as the Kress mowers mentioned above, Stiga’s range is lightweight and completely cable free, with the ability to work using 4G connection and STIGA Cloud for constant communication. From a user perspective, the installation is virtual, and the perimeter can be adapted anytime which is great for roaming maintenance teams and those areas of lawn that you want to control in different ways according to the season.


Another leading brand, Stihl is more popular with domestic gardeners and those who want to benefit from the ease and convenience of a robot mower across a smaller outside space.

Stihl robot mowers are versatile and quiet, with a long warranty and a series of different features spanning rain sensors and an impressive 40% slope capacity.

The smaller size means that this range of mowers tends to be more accessible in terms of price, though for those completing large tasks and working with a series of clients or outside areas, Stihl may not offer the best bang for your buck.

How does a robot mower take care of your garden needs?

If you’ve made it this far then the chances are you already know that you want a robot lawn mower – and you likely already understand the benefits and what it does.

But did you know that as well as the convenience of setting a robot mower to maintain an area of grass or lawn and walking away, you also access a number of sustainability benefits as well?

When you use a robot mower rather than utilising a manual lawn mower, you save on time and resources. You also preserve the integrity of the soil by minimising footfall during the mowing season, and you will find that the mulch from grass clippings is automatically funnelled back into the grass by your mower – supporting future growth.

Tips for selecting the best mower for your lawn / outside space

With all that in mind, what should you be looking for when selecting the best mower for your lawn care needs?

  •       Size. Most robot mowers come with a maximum surface area advertised, letting you know exactly how far they can stretch in terms of distance and battery life. If you manage large sites or estates, you need something that can cover a wide surface area with minimal intervention.
  •       Durable design. Depending on the climate and the state of the ground in your area, durable design is key. Opt for the device with the right blade height and elevation, and the best wheels for your ground.
  •       Added features. Look at how well the mower works in different conditions, and what the servicing and maintenance needs are according to existing and past users. Also consider how easy the mower is to set up, and whether it needs any additional infrastructure like underground wires and sensors, or whether it works solely on GPS.

We hope this helps you to find the perfect robot mower for you in 2024. If you’re in any doubt or need additional advice, you can reach out to the Groundtech team directly for more information.

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