The Benefits of Investing in a Robotic Lawn Mower for Your Business

The Benefits of Investing in a Robotic Lawn Mower for Your Business

Is lawn mowing a service that you offer as part of a ground maintenance package?
Are you looking to build a fledgling business, offering a multitude of outdoor services which span private and commercial properties?
Does your business need a lawn mowing solution, to manage an outside space?

Published: August 2023

Here at GroundTech, we work with our clients to streamline their operations and to maximise the use of their entire teams’ skills, by removing some of the simpler and more arduous tasks from their to-do list. Ground maintenance and outdoor management often span a number of tasks, with lawn mowing one of those jobs that take up a lot of time but are not as skilled or as creative as many other garden and outdoor projects. And it’s here that robot mowers come in.

Designed to fulfil the task of lawn mowing at a time that suits you, and with the attention to detail as required by you and/or your client, robot lawn mowers cover vast expanses of ground on a single charge and can be controlled with ease via an app. And that’s not all. Our robot mowers are just as good an investment for businesses in other industries, that have an outside space they want to maintain but no time to do it.

For the purpose of this blog, we’re sharing some of the benefits of investing in a robotic mower for your business, and how this single investment can optimise the presentation of your and your clients’ outside spaces.

  1. It can be set to run at a time that suits you

Robot mowers are built to deliver an automated lawn mowing service, which means that they can be set to run at a time that works for you. This is generally a time period during which the outside space or grassy area isn’t being used, to minimise interruption to both the maintenance team and to the client.

If you are a business seeking an automated mower to maintain the aesthetics of your own grassy area or outside space, a robot mower is the ideal tool that can run overnight when the office or business premises are empty. Not only does this minimise disruption for everyday users and employees, but it also helps to keep your robot mower safe by only having it out during quiet hours.

  1. It fulfils an arduous and mundane task

It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking a lawn management solution for your business premises or looking for solutions to streamline your ground maintenance business services. A robot lawn mower takes the arduous and long-winded task of mowing the lawn and completes it to a high and consistent standard every time.

With the ‘set it and forget it’ feature enabling the user to program in the site for mowing and the ideal turf length and density via the app, the mower then completes the task at a pre-approved time and as part of a regular routine – all without the need for manual intervention.

  1. It’s sustainable

There are a number of branches of this particular benefit for businesses, the main one being that the carbon output of a robot mower is up to 90% lower than that of a standard mower – making it an eco-friendly investment which is ideal for businesses looking to elevate the sustainability of their operations. Robot mowers also minimise waste by following a strict pre-programmed height and density for the turf that they cut and are designed to mulch clippings back into the ground to help promote growth and reduce waste.

  1. Excellent results

Of course, all of the above benefits wouldn’t mean anything if the robot mower wasn’t also good at its job – with the quality and standard of the cut ensuring that clients are happy with the service time and time again.

For ground maintenance businesses, the reliability of the robot mower means that they can offer a five-star lawn mowing service to clients regardless of the size of their outside space, obstacles situated across the grass, and lumps or bumps across the ground. For businesses looking to manage their outside space and deliver a great first impression to their own clients and customers, a robot mower is a long-term investment that consistently delivers excellent service.

Is a robot mower a good business investment?

A robot mower streamlines your outside maintenance job list and ensures that your lawn is not only well trimmed on a regular basis but finished to a high quality and consistent standard, without causing damage to the surrounding ground.

Whether investing in a robot mower to build a groundskeeping business or to nurture and standardise your business premises’ outside space, we recommend speaking directly with the GroundTech team to find out the best fit for your budget and specific needs. 

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