Football Pitches

Group 70

Give Your Pitch the Premier League Treatment

Every football pitch and training field is different, yet the challenges remain the same. Excessive use and heavy footfall, combined with the need for precise turf management and grass length, mean that maintenance is considered an arduous and never-ending job.

Until now. By enlisting an automated robotic mower to your team, not only will your pitch benefit from 24/7 mowing under a schedule that suits you. But the overall turf quality will be improved and the labour required for pitch management will be alleviated.

Penalty-friendly Precision

An automated mower can be programmed specifically to the needs of your pitch or training ground, operating via its sharp integrated blades to ensure a consistent grass height and density from goal to goal.

Able to be controlled remotely via our app, it couldn’t be easier to work the robotic mower into your training regime, whether that means cutting at night or during the day. Best of all, minute clippings are pressed back into the grass offering an organic and 100% natural fertiliser with no need for added chemicals and no waste removal requirement.

Accessible Solutions for Future Football Stars

Here at GroundTech, we believe that solutions like ours should be accessible to everyone – offering the Premier League Treatment to big and small clubs and fields alike. That’s why we’re partnered with the Football Foundation, who hand out grants to those businesses that manage and maintain football fields – enhancing the game for players for all walks of life.

Don’t let poor turf equal a poor result. The Football Foundation is the ultimate equaliser, available for teams and clubs across the UK.