How it works


Initial Consultation

When you decide the time is right to invest in eco-technology, streamline the productivity of your team and make outdoor tasks more efficient, GroundTech is here to help.

Step one involves an initial consultation with a member of our expert team, during which we will work to identify your needs and how our solutions can help to maximise the efficiency of your outdoor team.

This consultation comes with no obligations and allows you to understand how our products work and – crucially – how they could work for you.


Meet Your New Recruit

If you decide to go ahead with a GroundTech solution, step two is the exciting bit.

Following a meeting with one of our experts, during which you will get the chance to learn more about our different models and products, you will be invited to select the robotic recruit best suited to your grounds and what you need to achieve.

Our experts will also make sure to run through all the relevant features so that you can leave 100% confident in the product you’ve chosen and how it works.


The Probation Period

The probation period is, as with any new recruit, open for four weeks. In this four week period, GroundTech will install your selected automated solutions* and keep in touch to monitor how you are managing.

This is a great time to ask more questions and get to know the features and benefits of your chosen robot – before committing indefinitely.

*For an agreed set-up fee


You’re Ready to Go!

The final step is to enjoy a more efficient, productive, and reliable approach to outdoor grounds management, with your chosen automated solution!

Find a time that suits you and book a call with one of our experts

    Ready to learn more, and finally experience the
    benefit of technology which truly works for you?