Schools, Colleges and Universities

Group 70

Educate, Inspire, Enlighten: both inside and out

They say that education is something that is learned in school and developed outside of the school grounds.

Well, we believe in a different kind of inside-outside education: the kind which not only uses your outdoor space but ensures that, by presenting it at its very best, your school or educational facility can become an asset that the whole community is proud of.

Built with low-to-no noise interruption, operating remotely via a series of integrated programs and services, and with no harmful fumes or dangerous components which can cause harm to those around, the automated robotic mower helps you to keep your school or college grounds looking their best.

Through a single investment, schools, colleges, and universities can subsequently redirect their long term and ongoing outdoor and grounds management budget into other areas – investing in features which support their curriculum and bolster the whole school community.

Safe and Sustainable

Working 24/7 and able to be programmed at a time that suits you, the automated robotic mower reduces your facility’s carbon footprint and waste, with the minute trimmings being mulched back into the grass as your very own 100% natural fertiliser.

By reducing the need for chemicals across the grounds of your educational facility, the automated mower helps you to meet your sustainability goals and alleviates turf and grass management from the shoulders of your gardener or grounds team.

Expansive grounds; Perfect results

It doesn’t matter how big your school or university is, or how expansive the grounds are – the robotic mower is a powerful asset which will streamline your outdoor operations and provide reliable results. It’s an A* from us!