Why Do You Need a Robot Lawn Mower? 5 Benefits to Consider

Why Do You Need a Robot Lawn Mower? 5 Benefits to Consider

If achieving the perfect lawn is high up on your list of goals this summer, then you may well have resigned yourself to hours spent walking a mower backwards and forwards – or if you’re lucky, sat astride a ride-on mower to cover a larger area more quickly and comfortably.

Published: June 2023

But while manual mowing might seem like the best way to get the precision perfect finish, you’re after, here at GroundTech we’ve got other ideas – and a whole host of robotic products to prove it.

For us, mowing is not so much a chore as an opportunity to use modern technology at its optimum level. With a selection of robot lawnmowers available, ranging from domestic models to those built for pitches, estate grounds, and vast expanses of lawn, we recognise the value in preserving your time and energy for other tasks – handing the mundane responsibility of a perfect lawn over to technology.

But are they trustworthy? Can they really be left alone? And how can a machine keep track of and monitor the obstacles and indentations which form part of a natural landscape?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of robot lawnmowers for modern homeowners and ground maintenance teams.

  1. Convenient thanks to the ‘set it and forget it’ system

First things first, is there any better tool than one which not only does the job for you but can complete that job without you even being there to monitor and manage it?

The outdoor assistant you didn’t know you needed, the beauty of a modern robotic lawn mower is that you simply program it with the lines and boundaries you need it to follow, set the ideal grass height, and leave it to work.

(Added bonus benefit: if the area that you are mowing sees high footfall throughout the day, this feature enables you to program the mower to work overnight when the ground is not in use).

  1. Fitted with a homing beacon to ensure it never runs out of steam

Another benefit that owners of a GroundTech robotic mower herald is the fact that their device knows when it is running low on power and is able to return to its charging port via a homing beacon.

This same integrated feature enables you to check in on the location of your mower remotely via an app. And while we’re on the topic of the app, this is also where you can manage the boundary of your mowing project and ensure that the mower is achieving the right height, density, and covering the right patch of ground.

  1. Precision trimming, perfect for even the fussiest of spaces (and clients!)

There’s a reason why so many sports pitches and football stadiums are turning their attention towards robotic mowers. These smart mowers work via a series of floating heads which can be controlled and programmed by the user, and which achieve a precise and clean cut across the expanse of lawn or the pitch, without causing any damage to the ground.

This lightweight machine has far less of an impact on the surrounding ground than a ride-on or standard mower would have, not to mention it can be used outside of training hours which is perfect for training pitches and stadiums.

  1. Optimised labour, ticking one big ‘to do’ off of your list

A simple yet very prominent benefit – when you remove a major, manual task from your to-do list, you optimise the time of the team and leave them free to focus their energy on other areas of work.

The grass serves as the foundation of most domestic and public gardens and so needs to be maintained properly – however, you don’t need to use valuable manpower to do it.

  1. Sustainable in terms of running emissions and waste

Finally, robotic lawnmowers are far more sustainable with regard to how they run and what they do with cut grass and garden waste. They cut your CO2 output by up to 90% compared with a standard mower, and mulch cut grass and clippings back into the ground to act as a natural and highly effective fertiliser and compost.

Is a robot mower the right investment for you?

Despite being a costly investment, the benefits of robot lawn mowers are clear to see and can help to maximise the output of your team – delivering picture-perfect outdoor spaces without spending hours sitting on or pushing a lawn mower along.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to purchase a robot mower for your property or business, get in touch with us today and we’d be only too happy to show you how it works. 

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