Line Marking

Make your Mark – our Line Marking Service

Design, construct, and maintain a pitch perfect setting for training and matches with our line marking service.

Suitable for all grass-based surfaces, our robotic line marker follows existing lines and constructs new ones to highlight the outline of each pitch or sports field across your venue – working with you to plan the area and help you to make best use of the space. And it doesn’t end there.

Our line marking service also allows you to customise your sportsfields with logos, stencilled outlines, and creative designs to enhance the aesthetic of your outside space.

Combining our expertise with the unrivalled efficiency of our robotic solutions, the GroundTech line marking service is available as a one-off or rolling maintenance service.

Here’s how it works.

The Line Marking Process

When you book our line marking service, we will first visit your site to understand the location and size of the pitch or sports field that you want to outline. There is no limit to how many pitches we can outline as part of a single project, with the efficiency of the robotic line marking process meaning that we can complete a week’s worth of manual line marking in a single afternoon.

Once we have a plan in place, we will mark the pitches on our tablet tool which connects to the robot, before switching the robot on and putting it into its start position.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more creative design atop your lawn surface, our team will work with you to finetune your ideal design and ensure both the placement and size are in line with your plans and ideal finish.

From there, the process is automatic – following the markers laid out on the tablet screen. We also create and store records that can be tuned into the robot at a future date to enable enhanced efficiency for the next season, alleviating the need for the marking process to be repeated year after year, and instead letting the robot tune into its now automated setting.

The Benefits of a Robot-Led Service

  • Premier League pitches on a local club budget; when you invest in our line marking service, we help you to save both time and money by outlining tracks and sports fields in minutes, and by upgrading the aesthetic of your lawn or outside space, without the need for a contractor or outside worker.
  • The ease of the automated solution, combined with the accuracy of the lines and consistency of paint distribution means that the results are even more impressive than the process.
  • And with GroundTech managing this service inhouse for all existing and new customers, we help to keep costs low and neatly within your budget.

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