All you Need to Know about Kress Robotic Mowers | A 2023 Guide

All you Need to Know about Kress Robotic Mowers | A 2023 Guide

One of the leading robot mower brands available on the market, here at Groundtech we are proud to work with and stock Kress mowers – connecting our clients with the Kress mower that’s best suited to their needs and preferences.

Published: November 2023

With a business mission built on the use of innovative electric motors, Kress has long been focused on the convenience of motors which connect an environmental approach with functional and portable design. Robot mowers are just one of the products that Kress produces, bringing together almost 100 years of design and development to create a range of outdoor tools for business and personal use.

But what is it about Kress that makes it such a good brand in the robotic mower industry, and are these high power and high value tools worth the investment?

Is Kress a good robot mower?

Kress mowers are designed to cover vast expanses of lawn in record time, without impacting on the quality of the cut or the standard of the finish. Combining precise mowing with accurate boundaries and efficiency, Kress mowers are hard wearing and boast a powerful design which can withstand vast expanses and overcome obstacles.

To compare the Kress brand with other robot mowers, you will see that the design of each Kress robot is built for off-road use. Though not as sleek or as subtle in design as the Stiga design, Kress mowers present a high performance aesthetic which instantly makes them a good fit for challenging terrain and diverse landscapes.

How does a Kress mower work?

The integrated mapping technology means that Kress mowers are the ultimate unmanned robot mowers, which move between spaces as if operated manually by a professional groundskeeper. While older models of robot mower require physical boundary lines to follow, the beauty of the in-built Kress system is that it can follow lines as mapped on the app – delivering optimum precision with ease.

One area that clients often overlook is the idea of a Kress robot mower being considered an unplugged mower. What this means is that you don’t need to install multiple antennae and electronic outlets around your property or building to facilitate the movement of the mower, as it is completely unplugged and relies on satellite signal. It provides complete accuracy without the need for additional signal intervention or electronics – making it a seamless addition to your grounds maintenance team.

In order for a Kress mower to work, you need only to install the charging station and homing outlet for the mower, and set your lawn boundaries via the app. This programming translates into the mower’s task, which it completes with optimum efficiency at a time that suits you.

Where are Kress robot mowers made?

Kress mowers are engineered in factories across Germany and Switzerland and launched through dealerships around the world. Despite being made overseas, all approved dealerships and suppliers (like Groundtech) are fully trained and benefit from unrivalled support and access to the manufacturing plants, meaning that we know how these robot mowers inside out.

Should I invest in a Kress robot mower?

There are all sorts of reasons to invest in a robot mower, with a Kress robot mower specifically boasting benefits which relate to the quality of the cut and the durable design which makes each mower a powerful addition to your outdoor maintenance armoury.

The design and unplugged precision of each mower means that it’s an ideal investment for those who want to perfect the aesthetic of their lawn without installing electronic components and antennae. What’s more, a Kress mower combines its powerful and multi-terrain wheels with a stable build and structure which allows it to navigate complex landscapes and obstacles with ease and without damage – while achieving the neat and precise cut as programmed into the app.

Every Kress mower is controlled remotely and requires only an online map and a charging station in order to get started.

And with different sizes and finishes available for different settings, it couldn’t be easier to find the right Kress robot mower for you – complete with ongoing servicing and maintenance support, and an unrivalled warranty agreement.

For more information and to discuss the different Kress mowers, in comparison with other brands available through Groundtech, get in touch today.   

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