Sports Clubs

Group 70

Pitch Perfect

From football pitches to athletic tracks, expansive golf courses, and training grounds, our robotic mowers cater to sports clubs and fields of all shapes and sizes.

Counteracting the impact of high footfall and ensuring that the length and density of grass remains not only consistent but optimised for play and performance, the robotic mower offers a versatile solution that works with your training schedule and ensures that even the smallest clubs receive the sports league treatment.

High Power, High Performance

With flexible blades which sit underneath the main body of the mower, app integrated programming for remote management, and a homing beacon which means your mower will simply return to its charging station when the task is complete, you’d be hard pressed to find a team player that’s more deserving of MVP status.

Grounds Maintenance

And that’s not all. Designed for maximum efficiency and sustainability, the five cutting heads adapt instantly to the ground elevation – picking out and adjusting to obstacles accordingly. In total, 15 stainless steel blades provide constant mulching, meaning that there is no waste to dispose of – only organic, 100% natural fertiliser which goes straight back into your fields and pitches.

Timely Turf Management

Built with an understanding of the value of time, automated robotic mowers not only work at a time that suits you – day or night and come rain or shine – but they also alleviate the need for manual labour to complete the tasks they are designed and programmed to do.

Sports clubs across the UK are seeing the groundskeeping teams enjoy greater productivity, removing the need for constant mowing and turf management, and instead leaving them free to complete other jobs which maximise the user or player experience.