How do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

How do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

Outdoor maintenance is not just physically hard – it can also be incredibly repetitive, completing the same mundane tasks on a regular basis to ensure consistency and precision.

Published: August 2023

Let’s be honest, there’s a better way to use your team’s skills than sending them out to mow the lawn. Which is where robot lawnmowers come in.

What is a robot lawn mower?

A robot lawnmower is a versatile and flexible outdoor assistant, which can be programmed to maintain and manage stretches of lawn or grass in a designated outside space, and then left to its own devices.

In essence, a robotic lawn mower is an example of the efficiency that technology can present to outside and physical roles – tapping into all the information you provide about location, optimum grass length, maintenance needs, and potential obstacles, and navigating its way around those details with ease.

For businesses, a robot lawn mower is a time-saving addition to the team, which can be left to maintain and mow the lawn while the rest of the team take on more complex roles. For domestic homeowners and property managers, a robotic mower is an example of how technology can make everyday life easier.

How does the robot mower work?

One of the great things about modern robot lawnmowers is that they are exceptionally easy to use. Once you’ve got your lawnmower home, there is an app to download which wirelessly always connects you to your device. This app becomes the control centre where you program the job that you need your mower to take on, specifying the ideal grass length and density as well as the size of the area, where its borders are, and how regularly it needs to be mowed.

As your mower works, you can check in on its progress using the app and can see things like the expanse of lawn it has covered, its charge, and its current location.

The benefits of a robot lawn mower?

The benefits of owning and using a robot mower vary depending on your tasks and the way you want to use your mower; however, all customers and clients herald the versatility of their new outdoor assistance and the simple fact that it removes one big to-do task from their checklist.

With professional outside specialists increasingly using robotic mowers for tasks like sports pitch maintenance and caring for the grounds of a business, it seems apparent that the benefits lie not only in the convenience but also the quality of the job which gets done.

Having a robot mower on hand also means you can complete the mundane task of lawn maintenance at any time of day or night, based on how and when the outside space is used. For professional sports clubs and business premises in particular, programming the mower to cut the grass outside of business hours and overnight is a great way to optimise outdoor maintenance and minimise interruptions.

Another benefit that many clients overlook until we point it out, is the way that a robotic mower delivers efficient lawn maintenance while also maximising lawn care. By removing the need for heavy lawn mowers and feet walking up and down as they cut the grass, you protect the integrity of the grass and the ground – not to mention, a robotic mower is programmed to mulch some of the clippings back into the lawn for a health kick and for growth support.

Finally, robotic lawnmowers are sustainable and help homeowners and businesses to reduce their carbon emissions by up to 90%.

All that, with the added bonus of a fantastic-looking outside space all year round.

Business vs domestic customers: do you need a robot lawn mower?

Whether you manage an outdoor maintenance business, want to maximise the efficiency of your groundskeeping staff, or simply achieve a precise and consistent density and length across a pitch or lawn, a robotic mower can deliver on your requirements and goals with incredible ease.

An investment in your business, or a way to keep on top of your lawn at home with incredible ease and precision, a robotic mower helps to optimise the health of your outside space and will leave it looking better than ever before.

And here at Groundtech, we’ve not only got the robotic mower for you but a team behind the scenes that’s prepped and ready to help you get started. Get in touch with us directly to find out more. 

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