GroundTech Partners with Kress Mowers

GroundTech Partners with Kress Mowers

Here at GroundTech we would say we’re pretty obsessed with innovative technology – especially when it makes outdoor tasks such as lawn mowing and ground maintenance easier and more convenient.

Published: September 2023

That’s why, as part of our commitment to clients and customers, we’re proud to announce a new partnership in 2023 with Kress – a brand which is committed to creating high-power automated mowers and other tools powered by electric engines. With environmental consciousness driving the business, the team at Kress has long been driven by a desire to clean up the outdoor and ground maintenance industry – removing the reliance on fossil fuels and making everyday tasks more portable and easier to manage.

To date, they have achieved this by making automatic robot mowers more accessible and user-friendly, both for business and domestic clients. So, how do we plan to work alongside Kress for the benefit of your ground maintenance business or outside space?

A little about Kress Mowers

Founded in 1928, the Kress brand started life as a car electronics manufacturer, specialising in electronic motors. In the 1960s, the range expanded to encompass other items and products including power tools, with the electronic innovation allowing for more portable items for everyday use.

In 2017, the brand’s work with cordless and portable items stretched into the outside space – creating and bringing to the market automatic tools built for landscapers and homeowners looking to curate and nurture a well-balanced outside space. Which is how the Kress branch of robot mowers was born.

The Kress collection of robot mowers are designed to deliver manual precision and attention to detail, without the manpower, time, and effort of assigning a member of the team to the task. Operated via an app, the Kress collection of mowers boast centimetre-level accuracy and can keep within your programmed boundaries without the need for wire or a physical barrier.

One key selling point of the Kress range is the variety of sizes available. The larger the mower, the broader the maximum lawn size it can cover in a single charge – with Kress mower capability ranging from a 3000m² lawn right up to a 36000m² lawn. Large wheels enable the mowers to roll with ease and efficiency across and through the densest of lawns, while those covering vast expanses of ground can operate two or more mowers at once in perfect harmony.

What this partnership means for GroundTech

Here at GroundTech, we are focused on delivering innovative solutions to our clients – making everyday tasks easier and ensuring that they benefit from optimum results with minimal effort and cost.

Adding the Kress partnership to our repertoire means that our clients have access to bigger and better-automated mowers for vast outside spaces – with the chunky wheels and large Kress mower models well suited for wilder surfaces and more challenging terrains.

An automated schedule which has been integrated into the Kress mowers’ app makes year-round lawn maintenance more manageable for GroundTech clients, owing to the ability of the app to generate mowing predictions based on temperature, sunlight, nutrition, soil type, and water supply among other details. This auto-scheduling tool also adjusts the mowing plan according to the type and density of grass, the amount of nutrition the ground gets, and the placement of an irrigation system.

This leads us to one very important consideration for clients… how to navigate outdoor obstacles.

The benefits of robot mowers for clients

One of the overriding benefits of a robot mower for all our clients is the built-in ability to recognise obstacles and avoid them. How many times have you run over something in your garden or embedded into your lawn without realising, and caused damage to either the object or the mower?

Automated mowers have long benefitted from a built-in obstacle sensor, though the Kress mowers take this one step further by skirting around obstacles with a wide angle to minimise the risk of damage. This is better for your outside space and for your mower – ensuring that the job is still completed on time.

Finally, if there’s one reason why we recommend robot mowers to all our clients and customers, it’s the time-saving benefit. The most reputable benefit of any robot mower, Kress or otherwise, is the ability to manage your lawn and deliver a picture-perfect outside space at all times, without the need to push a mower back and forth manually. Not only does this save time and energy, but it keeps your lawn in excellent condition by minimising footfall and damage.

Learn more about the range of Kress mowers, our partnership with Kress, and why we believe a robot mower is the best investment for you, by getting in touch today

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