5 Features to Look for When Choosing an Automatic Lawn Mower

5 Features to Look for When Choosing an Automatic Lawn Mower

Automatic lawnmowers have become a staple for outdoor maintenance businesses, groundskeeping teams, and those in charge of managing large expanses of lawn and outside space.

Published: August 2023

Not only do automated lawnmowers save time and money by covering one very large box on your checklist, but they also complete this task with optimum precision and efficiency and keep stretches of lawn (large or small) looking their best.

Of course, when it comes to buying the right automated mower for you, you need to identify your needs, your budget, and the features that will elevate your purchase and transform it into the outside assistant you didn’t know you needed. Which is where this article comes in.

Created for those seeking the support of an automated mower, but with no idea where to start when finding the best model and solution, here are the five most important features of a top-level automatic lawn mower.

  1. Remote control app

When you start listing the benefits of an automated lawn mower, the one which often falls at the top of the list is the convenience that buyers and clients receive with their purchase. By that, we mean the fact that their mower works on its own without manual control, and can be programmed from the comfort of your home or office via an app.

As a remote control app is one of the main and overriding benefits of using an automated mower, finding one with an app which is user-friendly and reliable is key.

  1. Floating heads and powerful blades

Whenever clients talk to us about the benefits of a robotic lawn mower, we herald the quality and consistency of the cut, and the fact that it can be programmed and managed from afar via the app.

While a lot of these benefits rest in the technology, the physical design of the mower itself is also incredibly important – with the Groundtech automated mower boasting a combination of floating heads and powerful blades which provide a precise cut without causing damage to the ground.

When selecting a robotic mower, it’s important to focus on detail like this as it’s the floating nature of the rotating blade which ensures the ground beneath remains intact and stable.

  1. Return to base

In our opinion, this is one of the best features of our robotic mower as it ensures that your mower never loses power while out and about – instead taking itself back to its charging base when it needs a boost of power.

  1. Reliable ground maintenance and lawn care

If we’re considering the top features of a good, automated lawn mower, then it follows that reliability should be up there as one of the most important things to look for and focus on.

For us, the fact that professional groundskeeping teams, sports pitches, private buyers, and estate managers all choose our mowers, means that both the operation of the mower and its results are high in quality every time.

  1. Robot Maintenance Services

This final point is less about the mower itself and more about the service you receive when you purchase a mower. Here at Groundtech, we offer a level of service which continues long after your purchase, connecting all of our clients and customers with a standard of robot maintenance which will guarantee the health of your mower for seasons to come.

We recognise that remedying small issues and conducting regular maintenance checks is far more valuable than offering repair work and support when something goes wrong – and work hard to keep all of our clients’ mowers up and running without issue. When you buy an automated mower from us, you will also be invited to bring your mower for an annual health check and full service – making the fifth and final feature of a great mower the service that you get when you buy.

Buying your mower – what to do next

If you’re looking for a solution which will not only grant you a picture-perfect lawn or pitch all year round, but which works without fuss and looks after itself, then you need an automated lawn mower.

Here at Groundtech, we work with our clients and customers to identify the right solution for them and help them through the process of buying, setting up, and managing their mower for as long as they need us. For more information and to find the perfect mower for you, get in touch with us

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