Robot Mower vs. Traditional Lawn Mower: Which one is better?

Robot Mower vs. Traditional Lawn Mower: Which one is better?

It doesn’t matter how large the outside space is or how complex the layout is; mowing the lawn is always a tedious task.

Published: October 2023

From at-home domestic gardeners to vast grounds maintenance teams, lawn mowing represents a checkbox on the to-do list which is both incredibly manual and incredibly boring.

Until now.

Lawnmowers haven’t just developed into smarter and more convenient maintenance tools – they have taken on a life of their own, with robot mowers becoming the norm for contractors and large estate managers as well as those managing large expanses of outside space.

A great time-saving solution which enables your time and your team’s time to be channelled into more complex or useful tasks, robot mowers are controlled and programmed remotely and are both efficient and sustainable to use.

But how do they compare to traditional mowers, are they worth the cost, and are robot mowers a realistic investment for everyday consumers? Let’s take a closer look.

The benefits of traditional mowing

First and foremost, if robot mowers represent convenience and a plethora of time-saving benefits, why is it that so many consumers and outdoor specialists still opt for traditional mowers?

For one thing, traditional lawnmowers allow the user to exhibit complete control over their outside space. They can take care to avoid certain patches of flowers or grass should they wish to blend their manicured lawn with some areas of wildflowers, and they can spend time creating a finish that compliments the setting.

What’s more, traditional mowers are considerably more affordable than robot mowers – making them more accessible for many consumers and buyers.

The benefits of robot mowers

With that said, what’s all the fuss about with robot mowers and why are they becoming an increasingly popular staple in the basket of domestic gardeners and ground maintenance teams alike?

For one thing, robotic mowers facilitate complete control over the length and density of your lawn, entirely remotely. Come rain shine, during the middle of the day or in the depths of night, your robotic mower can be controlled via an app, into which you program the layout, boundaries, length, and frequency of each cut. The mower will then spring into action at the pre-arranged time, creating a consistent and high quality cut every time – respecting the boundaries and avoiding any unforeseen obstacles with ease.

What’s more, a robot mower does all of this quietly and with an eye to sustainability – reducing CO2 emission by up to 90% and mulching grass clippings back into the ground to recycle the waste and to introduce some of the nutrients back into the lawn.

Other benefits of robotic mowers include the time-saving aspect that comes with adding a remote (and incredibly reliable) member to the team, and the integrated safety features which enable the robot mower to recognise and avoid obstacles including children and pets.

Are robot mowers worth the investment?

From domestic gardening to extensive grounds maintenance services, the beauty of a robot mower is that it covers one large and time-consuming job for you, leaving you free to inject time, skills, and expertise into other areas of the garden or outside space.

Considered a reliable means of achieving a picture perfect lawn – so much so that sports pitches and professional sports grounds around the world are using robot mowers to meet the high standards required by professional teams – robot mowers are pricey but worth the cost. This is particularly the case for those dedicated to providing a high end service as part of their grounds maintenance organisation, with Groundtech working alongside organisations to help them find the most suitable mower for their client projects.

Robot mowers vs. traditional mowers

If you can afford to invest in a robot mower, then you will find that the benefits far outweigh those of traditional mower ownership. Not only can you guarantee a well-maintained lawn in record time and without lifting a finger, but you also benefit from the extra eco-credentials and save yourself tons of time.

Finding the right robot mower for you

With so many options available on the market, the best thing to do is to find a reputable supplier and gain advice on how to identify the best features for your business or outside space. From ascertaining the size of the gardens that you want to mow, to understanding the benefit of different numbers of rotating heads and blades, your local robot mower supplier will be able to talk you through the ins and outs of different models.

For advice and to get started with your search, Groundtech is here to help. 

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