Smart Lawn Care: Integrating Robot Mowers with Home Automation Systems

Smart Lawn Care: Integrating Robot Mowers with Home Automation Systems

Smart homes have become the gold standard in domestic technology, with countless homeowners investing in systems which connect their appliances and sound systems with doorbells, personal devices, and entertainment units.

Published: December 2023

With robot mowers the technology go-to of your outside space, in this blog we’re looking at how the two can be integrated together, delivering the ultimate smart technology for your property which connects your interior system with your automated mower.

How do robot mowers work?

The benefits of a robot mower lie in the automated system, which connects the mower itself to an app – granting the user complete control over the area of lawn and the schedule followed by the device, remotely and with incredible ease.

Robot mowers are relatively small devices which come with a charging portal, and which wirelessly deliver a precise and consistent cut across your expanse of lawn, at a time that suits you and to a height and density that you choose to program.

Controlled remotely through the app, robot mowers are the ultimate example of smart technology in use outside and optimise the use of your time so that you can enjoy a clean cut and manicured lawn without the need for manual mowing time every other weekend. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial use and are often heralded by users for their quiet efficiency, environmental benefits, and the fact that they deliver such high quality results with next to no manual intervention.  

If you ask us, all robot mowers are intrinsically smart – but can they become a part of your overarching smart automated home system, joining the plethora of other appliances at work?

Are smart mowers real – and do they really work?

Now we’ve uncovered some of the benefits of robot mowers as a domestic as well as a commercial investment, let’s consider the integration of robot mowing as part of a smart home system.

A relatively new range of robot mowers known as Automower, has been released as a means of connecting inhouse automation with outdoor maintenance and ground management. Connected to Amazon Alexa and/or Google Home devices, this allows homeowners to be managed by voice control in much the same way as other home appliances – ensuring that mowing is completed under your ideal schedule, at a time that suits you.

While the simplest version of this automated connectivity uses Bluetooth to connect the mower directly with your other home appliances and devices, advanced apps deliver further precision – by managing the mowing schedule based on projected weather conditions and your family routine.

Whatever way you choose to use and integrate this new technology within your routine and home life, the benefit of having your robot mower connected with your smart home technology is the way it provides you complete control – without having to span and manage different apps. With so many different appliances working on different schedules and via different outlets, being able to manage them all via a single automated app creates the kind of harmony that a modern home needs in order to thrive.

Do you need a robot mower?

With so many benefits linked to robot mowers, in so far as the enhanced sustainability, optimised time management, and precise results, investing in one can feel like a no brainer for both commercial and domestic maintenance teams and gardeners.

However, there are things to consider – one being the cost, and another the ongoing need for maintenance and comprehensive cleaning in order to optimise the performance of your mower come rain or shine. Keeping your mower in good working order means replacing the blades regularly and conducting a full clean to alleviate the build-up of grass clippings and mulch. It also means moving the mower and its charging port inside during the winter months, giving your lawn a break and protecting the device from adverse weather.

If you’re looking to streamline the maintenance of your outside space and benefit from the same high level of automation as you have inside your home, then a robot mower can prove an excellent investment asset. For tailored advice on the best model for you, and to discover the way that a robot mower could benefit you, get in touch with the Groundtech team.

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