The Environmental Impact of Robot Lawn Mowers

The Environmental Impact of Robot Lawn Mowers

How many times has a lazy weekend at home or in the garden been ruined by the noise pollution from a neighbours lawnmower? The noise from a manual lawnmower is unavoidable (and while we’re on the topic, is it just us or does it feel like the closest neighbours always choose the worst possible time to switch on the mower?)

Published: December 2023

But it’s not just sound pollution that’s released into the neighbourhood whenever you or the family next door decide it’s time to take control of the lawn. The environmental impact of manual lawnmowers depends on the type of mower you use – however, the majority use petrol or diesel fuel to run which releases CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. What’s more, mowing the lawn takes time with a standard mower – time that most of us don’t want to spare, and when we do it’s generally not on the sunniest and driest days of the year.

As a result, mowing the lawn can become an afterthought. Far from optimising regrowth and supporting a healthy ecosystem in the sward and soil beneath, this means that the health of the grass falls to the bottom of the priority list for many.

The title of this blog gives you some indication as to the alternative. While not a cheap solution, robot mowers operate automatically, based on the data that you input into an app. This allows the machine to follow the boundaries laid out in the app, programmed to mow the lawn to a certain height and density all while protecting the ground and minimising carbon emissions.

Keep reading for some of the environmental benefits of using a robot lawn mower as opposed to a manual mower, and why so many grounds maintenance teams are investing in robot mowers as a means of saving time and preserving resources.

How do robot mowers support greener operations?

If you own or run a grounds maintenance business, then you will know that the output from mowing the lawn is not pure grass clippings and garden mulch. One of the best ways to mitigate and minimise carbon emissions is by switching to a robot mower. Suitable for domestic and commercial use, these robot mowers reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% compared with standard mowers – and the environmental accolades don’t end there.

When you run a robot mower across your ground, the clippings from the lawn are layered back over the freshly mown turf – feeding it with essential nutrients to support optimum regrowth and health.

The lightweight design of a robot mower also minimises the damage caused to the ground during mowing. By alleviating the need for manual foot tread, running back and forth to cover the entire expanse of lawn, a robot mower delivers an efficient and effective trim across the entire area without compacting the soil or damaging the lawn.

And then we have the optimisation of resources, in that robot mowers remove one very big manual task from your outdoor maintenance to-do list, leaving you free to focus on other projects and tasks which require your attention. Whether managing your own garden and outside space, or looking to invest on behalf of a business venture, a robot mower is one of the most efficient ways of directing your resources successfully.

Other benefits of investing in a robot mower

It’s not just the environment that benefits when you invest in a robot mower. For one thing, robot mowers are programmed via an app, which allows you to track and monitor their progress completely remotely, while granting the device itself a clear outline of the area it needs to mow and the lawn height and density it needs to achieve.

The floating, rotating blades of a high quality robot mower are designed to follow the contours of the ground effectively, skirting over any lumps and bumps in the ground and ensuring that obstacles do not damage the mower. Meanwhile the homing beacon which is installed within the build of the robot mower ensures that it returns to its charging portal once the task is complete or if the mower is running low on charge – ensuring that it never gets stuck in the middle of a job.

Should you invest in a robot mower?

Not only is a robot mower a time-saving investment for domestic gardeners and outdoor maintenance business owners, but it is one of the easiest ways of mitigating your impact on the environment while creating an attractive and enjoyable garden or outside space.

If you’re looking to streamline the maintenance of a lawn, pitch, or expanse of parkland, and want to discover more benefits of owning a robot lawn mower, get in touch with your local supplier today – who will be able to advise you on the different models available and how to identify the best solution for you.

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