What are the Benefits of Robot Lawn Mowers?

What are the Benefits of Robot Lawn Mowers?

Ground maintenance teams have a lot of tasks on their to-do list, whether they work for a single estate or as part of a roaming freelance or contractor team.

Published: August 2023

Optimising the team in terms of labour and skillset is a crucial part of management, which sees business owners invest in tools and strategy plans to maximise the use of time on each task or job. And that’s exactly what inspired this month’s blog.

One way that our clients optimise their time on site is with investment in robot lawnmowers – an innovative outdoor tool that becomes an extension of your team and manages the mundane yet lengthy task of lawn maintenance.

From managing this basic but time-consuming task and leaving the team free to focus on other jobs, to helping contractors and maintenance teams achieve a consistent and clean cut every time, robot mowers tick the boxes of quality control and time management. Here are some of the reasons why so many contractor teams and ground maintenance workforces are investing in robotic lawnmowers.

  1. They are ideal for time optimisation

There’s no escaping the fact that the number one – and most popular – benefit of a robot lawnmower, for professional grounds maintenance teams and estate owners – is that it saves them from having to mow the lawn themselves. Managing a large expanse of lawn is time-consuming, with a robot mower ticking this arduous task and leaving the professionals free to indulge their time and expertise in other more specialist tasks.

  1. They deliver consistent lawn maintenance services

Modern robot mowers are programmed with a ‘set it and forget it’ feature, whereby the user has complete control over how much of the lawn is mowed, how high the turf is cut to, and even how often the mowing should be done.

The idea is to provide control without the need to manually take on the task yourself, using an app that stores the settings of your ideal cut and ensures that the same results are met time and time again. This kind of consistency is especially critical when it comes to sports pitch maintenance and is one of the reasons why some of our top clients are those who manage professional sports grounds and training pitches.

  1. They are sustainable

Using a robot lawnmower reduces your carbon output by up to 90% when compared with a standard mower. In addition, robot mowers are designed to recognise when they need to be recharged and are enhanced with a ‘return to port’ function which enables them to roll back to their charging port when the battery is running low. This reduces the need for pointless and unnecessary charging and ensures that your mower is never left out having run out of power.

  1. They minimise day-to-day interruptions

This is another benefit which can be enjoyed across all outdoor sites, but which is particularly heralded by those who work on or maintain sports grounds and pitches. The automated mechanism of a robot mower means that it can be set to cut the grass at any time – meaning it can be programmed to work overnight or at a time when the ground is not being used.

This minimises the interruption to training time and ensures that the outside space is open to users during daytime hours, while still keeping up a consistent maintenance routine.

  1. It protects the ground and promotes healthy growth

There’s nothing worse than growing healthy turf and then flattening it whenever you roll a standard mower over it. The beauty of a robot lawnmower is that it is extremely lightweight compared to a classic lawnmower, with the rotating blades of the mower creating a clean and angled cut on the lawn without trampling the lawn in its wake.

What’s more, robot lawnmowers are programmed to mulch some of the grass clippings back into the lawn, to further promote healthy growth while also minimising the production of waste.

Is a robot mower right for you?

If you are responsible for managing an outdoor site, regardless of how big it is or how complex the layout may be, a robot lawnmower can make lawnmowing both easier and more time-efficient – leaving you free to focus your manpower on other tasks.

While a robot lawnmower is an investment, for many businesses it streamlines their service and allows them to deliver the highest standards of lawn care and maintenance every time. To find out more and to discover whether a robot mower is right for you, get in touch with our team directly. 

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