Is a Hover Mower the Right Choice For Your Lawn Care Needs?

Is a Hover Mower the Right Choice For Your Lawn Care Needs?

A hover mower combines the innovation of a hovercraft with the very functional purpose behind a classic lawnmower.

Published: June 2023

 It’s versatile and user-friendly, lightweight, and well-suited for manicuring, tidying, and refining the perfect lawn or patch of grass.

But is it the right choice for your garden?

In this blog, we’re considering the benefits of a hover mower alongside the modern robot lawnmower and a classic push-along mower, in the hopes of determining which is best for your lawn care needs, regardless of the size and layout of your outside space.

How does a hover mower work?

Hover mowers work in much the same way as a hovercraft, sitting on a cloud of air which enables the rotary blades to turn and trim the grass without causing any damage to the ground beneath. Operated by hand, these mowers are less arduous and create less friction against the ground than classic push mowers or ride-on mowers, though can be difficult to handle and require a sweeping motion in order to work. This can make it difficult to achieve a consistent cut, rendering hover mowers well suited to more informal outside spaces but not conducive to perfectly manicured and neat areas of lawn.  

Despite the challenges, the range of hover mowers available means that they are ideal for outside areas with lots of trees and a more complex landscape to trim and mow around. But are they better than the increasing range of robot lawnmowers making waves on the market?

The benefits of a robotic mower over a hover mower?

A robotic mower combines all of the benefits of a hover mower in terms of protecting the ground and achieving its lawnmowing goals without damaging the soil, in addition to alleviating the demand for resources. All this at the same time as delivering efficiency and manoeuvrability across all outside spaces.

Working via an app which enables the user to retain full control over the mower, its boundaries, its cutting height, and more, a robotic mower is the best solution for those maintenance teams who are tasked with achieving a uniform and manicured lawn, garden, or pitch. This allows the team to focus their time and energy on other, more important tasks.

Yes, the robotic mower is the more expensive of the two. But while hover mowers boast a range of benefits which render them better suited to lawn maintenance than ride-on and push mowers, the demand on your time and resources means they are not quite on par with robotic mowers.

Which kind of lawnmower is easiest and most efficient?

Whether cutting the turf across a football pitch for optimum training or creating an aesthetically pleasing space to sit outside a business premises or office, robotic mowers need only be programmed and then left to complete the job.

When selecting the right kind of lawnmower for you, it’s important to recognise your needs, how often you plan on mowing the lawn and outside space, and how important perfection is. For a sports or football pitch, for example, it’s crucial to achieve a manicured and refined finish on a regular basis – that is, hitting the target grass height with every cut. Of course, an effectively used hover mower can achieve this, though the room for error is greater than with a robot mower. Similarly, a ride-on or hand pushed mower can again achieve a fairly consistent grass height, though the tread and wear on the ground may affect its level in the long run.

All of this combined, and all things considered, robot lawnmowers may be an investment, but the convenience paired with the standard of grass cutting and the innovative app which lets you check in on and program the device according to your needs, makes it a safe bet for all outside maintenance teams.

If this is something you’re keen to learn more about, if you’re considering buying a hover mower but want to explore the alternative first, or if you’re just starting out with outside maintenance and need advice on lawn mowing and other areas of focus, get in touch with us today.

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