Advanced Tips for Maximising Your Robot Mower’s Performance

Advanced Tips for Maximising Your Robot Mower’s Performance

The benefits of robot lawn mowers are widely publicised, to such an extent that they have become a must-have tool in the worlds of commercial ground maintenance, professional pitch management, and even domestic gardening.

Published: December 2023

Recognised as one of the best solutions for ongoing lawn maintenance, ensuring that your grass or turf is kept at a consistent height and density, while mulching clippings back into the ground for long term health and protecting the ground from the compaction of a heavy manual mower, robot mowers boast a range of benefits for users and for the environment. You need only spend a few minutes browsing the modern apps linked with these robot mowers, to see just how smart they are. Managed remotely, enabling users to program the job into the app and sit back while the mower does its job, these apps ensure that the mower remains within the set boundaries and cuts the turf to the right height.

In short, robot mowers are great for commercial and domestic use, and offer a way of maximising your manpower and resources by covering one of the most time consuming and manual tasks on any outdoor maintenance task list.

But how do you, in turn, maximise the performance of your mower and ensure that it is delivering the best possible results across your garden, pitch, or outside space? In this blog, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the use of robot lawn mowers and how to maximise their performance.

How can I make my robot mower run better?

By far the best way to maximise the performance of your robot mower and ensure that it is running smoothly and efficiently, is with a regular service.

Robot maintenance is an ongoing service which is offered to customers and clients who purchase a robot lawn mower via a reputable supplier, ensuring that even after they take their mower home, they receive the same level of support and advice that they got as prospective customers. The aim of robot maintenance is to avoid the costly demands of repair work and parts replacement, by regularly testing the robot under the confines of a health checklist. This allows robot mower professionals to identify and isolate any damage or potential issues early on before they cause lasting damage to the device, while also granting an opportunity for a comprehensive clean.

How can I ensure that my robot mower is cutting the grass precisely every time?

One of the benefits of using a robot mower is the precision that clients enjoy with every cut. The best way to maximise the performance of your mower and ensure that every trim is precise, is by regularly cleaning the mower out and replacing the blades.

Cleaning the mower out ensures that grass clippings do not clog up the inner mechanics of the machine, the wheels, and the blades themselves. You would be surprised at how many times we have seen a mower with significantly impacted performance, only to find that it’s a simple build-up of grass clippings and mulch affecting the movement and performance of the blades.

In terms of blade replacement, not only does this ensure that your mower retains that high level of precision and performance, but it also covers an important safety feature – as worn blades can become damaged and can even break away from the main body of the mower after prolonged and excessive use, creating a hazard in your garden or outside space.

It’s important to note that the most common robot mowers with rotating blades require frequent blade replacement, roughly every eight weeks or so.

How often should a robot lawn mower cut grass?

The answer to this question depends largely on the type of site that you are looking to maintain – however, if you want to optimise performance and ensure that your robot mower retains its excellent condition, it should be used regularly during the dry months to keep the mechanisms and parts moving.

Once the winter season arrives, it’s important to perform a thorough clean and service on your robot mower, before storing it somewhere dry to avoid any damage.

Do I need a robot mower and how do I know which model to invest in?

The benefits of robot mowers are wide ranging and cover both environmental and user performance benefits – optimising resources and time management as well as protecting the integrity and aesthetic look of your lawn, pitch, or ground.

If you’re looking to remove one of the more manual tasks from your outdoor checklist, while maximising the results and ensuring a consistent and attractive lawn all year round, then investing in a robot mower is a great next step. Your local supplier will be able to advise you on the best model based on your site and specific needs, matching your preferences with the latest market options.

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