Case Study: Sigma Trust

Case Study: Sigma Trust

When a recent client reached out to us to discuss the complexity of their existing garden maintenance routine, we knew they couldn’t be alone in their challenges.

Published: February 2023

We carried out the installation of the robots and charging points in a single day, also providing training for the Trust’s facilities manager to ensure competency when using and programming and mowers. This training consisted of unblocking the cutting heads of leaves, and twigs etc, plotting the cut boundaries, and basic control panel use.

Due to time constraints from the school, cutting time for the full 45,000m2 field was set to be restricted between the hours of 6.00pm – 6.30am with both mowers being used autonomously. We programmed the mowers to return to the charging stations once the cut time was complete, remaining in place until the following days’ cut time commenced at 6pm. Under this specific program, cutting was set to automatically resume where it had finished the previous morning.

By using the two mowers in this manner, the total cut time for the field fell at roughly 24 hours.

“ Very impressive all round and we are looking to secure
funding to roll these out across the Trust”

The client quickly found that using two robots negated the need for a tractor to drive to site fortnightly for a cut, thus eliminating approximately 150 hours of running time on a diesel tractor annually.

In addition to the mowing function, we installed a magnetic strip along the bottom of the mower which acted as a litter-collecting device. This particular feature boasted another benefit, in that it enabled an additional safety feature: if one of the blades were to fall off of the mower, the magnetic strip would pick it up.

Finally, the robots we installed did not and do not create any noise pollution for neighbouring properties, making them not only environmentally friendly but community friendly as well.

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