What are Professional Robotic Lawnmowers? 2023 FAQs Answered

What are Professional Robotic Lawnmowers? 2023 FAQs Answered

Pitched as a time saving tool which provides countless benefits to professional outdoor maintenance teams as well as domestic homeowners, garden enthusiasts, and commercial ground workers, robot lawn mowers have become a must-have in the world of smart gardening.

Published: November 2023

Boasting a homing beacon which returns the robot mower to its charging port at the end of each session, with complete remote control through an app and a built-in boundary finder which ensures only the specified areas of your lawn are mowed, robot mowers are both functional and convenient.

But with so many benefits and individual features, you wouldn’t believe how many questions we get asked about the way these lawn mowers work. Which is where this blog comes in – compiling some of the most common questions we’ve been asked in 2023, about how professional robotic mowers work, how to choose the right model, and how to maximise the benefits across your outside space.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the questions and their answers, from the Groundtech team.

How often can robot mowers cut the grass?

Robotic mowers are designed to be used as often or as sparingly as you like and can provide a consistent cut across your entire expanse of lawn or segment the ground into different areas through invisible boundaries.

Popular with groundskeepers and maintenance teams who are in charge of professional sports pitches and training grounds, one of the core benefits of a robot mower is that you can benefit from a consistent service on a near-daily basis – without wasting the time or resources of your team. Simply program the mower to retain the lawn or grass at a set height, and let it do its thing, while your team focuses on other tasks.

In short, there is no schedule which you must follow with a robot mower. How often you use your mower will depend on the quality of your ground and how it is used.

What are the top benefits of owning a robot mower?

If there’s one thing that the Groundtech team love to talk about, it’s the benefits of robot mowers – not just from a time saving angle but in light of the enhanced sustainability benefits.

When you use a robot mower, you save on valuable manpower and time, leaving your outdoor team free to focus their time and energy on other, less mundane tasks. Using a robot mower also equates to a consistent and precise cut across your entire lawn or pitch, achieved efficiently and using very little in the way of energy.

When compared with a traditional lawnmower, robot mowers emit up to 90% less CO2, and can even mulch grass clippings back into the ground to facilitate optimum growth. Gliding over the ground with rotating blades, they minimise damage and destruction while achieving a clean cut. Finally, robot mowers can be controlled with ease from a smartphone app, which enables you to set boundaries and ensure that the device is working within a timeline that suits you and the way the outside space is used.

Owning a robot mower is both a time saver and a cost cutter and enables you to redirect your ground maintenance resources to other areas while still benefiting from a well maintained lawn.

What is the life expectancy of a robot lawn mower?

With the right servicing, care, and attention, a robot lawn mower can be a long lasting investment that stays with you. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that a robot lawn mower can outlive the career of a committed grounds maintenance worker, provided you stay up to date with servicing from Groundtech.

As part of every partnership with a new client or customer, we offer an annual maintenance service and health check for your robot mower, identifying any issues and replacing parts to facilitate and ensure optimum function. This is available through a rolling subscription, alongside the 24/7 advice that we offer via our remote support team.

Who needs a robot mower?

There are benefits to span all corners of the market, from domestic homeowners to pitch managers, commercial groundskeepers, and more.

For homeowners, a robot lawnmower means that your lawn is kept well maintained throughout the year with minimal damage to the ground – enabling you to keep your garden looking great without losing your precious weekend time to manual mowing.

For commercial business owners and groundskeepers, a robot mower helps you to achieve a neat outside space with ease and efficiency. It facilitates a good first impression for visitors and clients – and makes for an excellent initial talking point!

And for pitch and sports ground maintenance teams, a robot mower is a must for achieving perfect grass height and density ahead of every game and training session.

To find out the benefits for you, and to discuss which robot mower is the best solution for your outside space, let Groundtech help. Get in touch with us directly to learn more about our range of robot mowers, and for advice on the best model for you.

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