What are Robot Lawnmowers? And How do they Work?

What are Robot Lawnmowers? And How do they Work?

There are many tasks which are necessary and vital to both the functionality and aesthetic value of your outside space.

Published: June 2023

While some of these can easily be classed as enjoyable and creative, there are others which feel more mundane – becoming items to tick on a checklist rather than inspiring projects. One of these is lawnmowing.

Lawnmowing is essential for both commercial and domestic property owners with lawns and grassy outside spaces, as it keeps the grass looking and feeling luscious, growing optimally in the summer months and draining water during the winter. However, it does not have to be the mundane task that everyone thinks it is, thanks to the innovative selection of robot lawnmowers now available on the market.

These lawnmowers work by granting the owner a level of control and precision over the task, all with a level of removal which allows them to channel their time and energy into other tasks. It allows outdoor maintenance teams and gardeners to benefit from a well-kept and manicured area of lawn which can be maintained to specific heights, and which is effectively drained and invigorated with clippings as standard – nurturing better growth even as the grass is clipped.

Best of all, robotic lawnmowers save time and resources – and turn a mundane task into something seamless. Keep reading to find out more about how they work and why they make such an excellent investment for both domestic and commercial property owners.

What are robot lawnmowers?

A robot lawnmower is a compact, automated, intuitive device which moves across your lawn according to the parameters of the area that you program for mowing. Working to the height and within the boundaries of the area specified and programmed in, the device moves across the ground automatically, cutting the grass and mulching the clippings back into the ground for optimal future growth and health.

How do robot lawnmowers work?

Robot mowers live on their charging portal, which can be situated anywhere in the vicinity of the lawn that you want the mower to cut. During its active hours, the robotic mower will move across the lawn and grassy space – navigating obstacles and delivering an even and consistent cut across the whole lawn or outside space without causing any damage to the area. Once it’s done, it returns itself to the charging portal until it is next active.

These robot mowers can be controlled via apps which connect the user with the mower – enabling them to check in on the progress of the mower and make changes or adjustments to the programming. In addition to the unrivalled functionality, most robotic mowers are fitted with an anti-theft and geofencing alert which ensures that the mower not only stays within the designated space but can also be tracked if it is moved without permission of the user.

With all that in mind, what are the benefits and is a robot mower a good investment for you?

The benefits of robotic lawnmowers for clients and maintenance teams

Here at GroundTech we encourage clients of all sizes and across both the commercial and private sectors to integrate robot lawnmowers into their budget and routine – demonstrating the benefits for private homeowners as well as commercial landscapers and outdoor maintenance teams.

One of the most obvious benefits is the time-saving efficiency of these mowers, which grant maintenance teams and gardeners the freedom to perform and complete other outdoor tasks. By removing lawn mowing from the to-do list, not only can these outdoor specialists channel their time into more creative outdoor projects and tasks, but they can do so, safe in the knowledge that the lawn is being effectively maintained.

Another benefit lies in the quality of the service performed by a robot lawnmower. When you rely on these small but effective devices to mow your lawn, you receive the guarantee of a clean, manicured, and well-kept lawn which is undamaged by the tread of a gardener running over the grass over and over with a mower. As a lightweight alternative to the weight and tread of an individual as a heavy-duty lawnmower, users tend to find that their grass and ground is in much better shape after a few weeks with a robot mower.

This same benefit can be extended across specific outside spaces such as football pitches and sports fields, as again a robot mower will achieve a perfectly balanced and manicured surface which can be set and trimmed to the exact height required.

Finally, when you invest in a robot mower, you will find that mowing can be achieved during even the most unsociable hours – using downtime overnight and early in the morning to perform the task which keeps your outside space looking fresh and aesthetically pleasing.

Could a robot mower be the right investment for you?

Here at GroundTech, we pride ourselves on offering a range of robot mowers which combine convenience with efficiency, all while delivering the very best results for all parties. If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of robot mowers and how an investment in your own garden robot could streamline your outdoor maintenance, get in touch with us today. 

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