Why Owning a Robot Grass Cutter is the Future of Lawn Mowing and Maintenance?

Why Owning a Robot Grass Cutter is the Future of Lawn Mowing and Maintenance?

Whenever a customer asks us what the benefits of a robotic lawn mower are, we answer with a question of our own. What could you spend your time doing, if you didn’t have to mow the lawn every few days?

Published: June 2023

For virtually all of our customers, both domestic and commercial, a robotic grass cutter is an alternative to the very mundane and manual task of lawn mowing, which takes time, and which can be difficult to finish perfectly and precisely – no matter how good your mower is.

That’s because, whenever we manually complete a task, we leave that task open to human error – whether that be in missing the boundary line slightly or allowing the grass to be slightly shorter in one area compared to another.

And it’s here that the benefits of robotic mowers lie. They deliver the perfect results every single time, come rain or shine – and can even do so while you’re cooking, asleep, working, or relaxing.

Robot grass cutters for pitches

When considering the future of lawn mowing and maintenance, one of the best areas to look at is the sporting industry and how important it is to retain an even, level, and healthy lawn across pitches and playing fields.

Robotic mowers make it possible for these pitches to be kept at a consistent length and density in terms of the grass/lawn, with maintenance work able to be carried out outside of training hours – whether that be early mornings or the dead of night. In addition, the remote control functions of robotic mowers mean that they can be programmed to highlight and identify any bumps or dents in the ground so that these can be effectively repaired and managed to maximise players’ safety.

In this instance, robot grass cutters represent a solution which enables pitch managers to provide the best possible ground for training and gameplay, keeping users safe with ease.

Robot grass cutter for gardens and estates

Moving onto a more everyday use for robot mowers and grass cutters, we must look at the private gardens and estates. For both domestic and commercial buyers, a robot mower is a tool which delivers a sustainable yet high standard of upkeep across the lawn, with elevated rotating blades which minimise damage to the ground, and which ensure that any grass clippings are funnelled back into the ground for maximum efficiency.

By inviting users to program their boundary and cutting area into the system, robot mowers become a one-stop shop for an aesthetically pleasing and presentable lawn – whether for your own private garden or for the outside space around your business premises or public property.

Innovative features to future-proof gardening and landscaping

All of the above benefits of robot grass cutters highlight the innovative features, which make this a go-to tool for saving time and energy, without impacting the quality of the finish.

A robot grass cutter or lawn mower is an alternative to manual mowing, which lets gardeners, ground maintenance teams, homeowners, and landscapers focus on more important tasks – not to mention in most cases, it delivers a more precise and level finish than most DIY gardeners can get on their own.

So, are robot grasscutters the future for you?

If you are in charge of managing a pitch or maintaining a vast outside space, a robotic mower takes one of the biggest tasks on your checklist and makes it seamless to complete – at a time that suits you. Your mower will never go missing thanks to the homing beacon which returns it to base before it runs out of charge, and it allows you to check in on the progress of the cut and program different grass lengths, densities, and cutting areas entirely remotely.

It’s an investment, but it’s one which we believe is sure to become the foundation of future ground maintenance. Get in touch with us directly if you want to learn more about owning a robotic mower. 

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