Case Study: Drayton Park

The Brief:

In July 2023, we attended Drayton Park for a robotic mowing service.

Using the RTK BigMow, GroundTech transformed the grass at Drayton Park.

The BigMow was installed to improve the uneven cut of the area and to remove grass litter. It tackled the entire 9 hole short course and left the grass looking uniform. This also improved the health and appearance of the course.

The Project and Challenges:


The course required maintenance due to uneven grass. The health of the areas also needed to be improved by the removal of grass litter. The RTK BigMow robotic mower was the perfect solution.

The Results


Below shows the before and after of the course. Using the robotic mowing technology, the space was transformed. The photographs show the difference in just 2 weeks, from a course with an uneven cut to a much healthier looking course.

The GPS images show the path of the BigMow across the course.

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