A Year-Round Guide to Robot Lawn Maintenance: Seasonal Tips for Optimal Performance

A Year-Round Guide to Robot Lawn Maintenance: Seasonal Tips for Optimal Performance

Robot mowers are great for saving time and energy, for maximising your resources, and for ensuring that your lawn is always picture perfect – regardless of whether it’s a public space, professional pitch, or private garden.

Published: February 2024

But as with any piece of technology, robot mowers have their own requirements when it comes to care and maintenance – and in this blog, we’re considering what that means for your yearly maintenance schedule.

When can you use your robot mower?

In order to answer this question, we need to draw your attention to the main benefits of using a robot mower compared with a standard manually operated mower.

With a regular mower, you will probably find yourself waiting for the ground to dry up in the spring months, to avoid poaching, compacting, and damaging the ground. Conversely, if you use a robot mower, the lightweight design means that these devices can be brought out much earlier as spring starts to bloom.

So, to put it plainly, the operational schedule of a robot mower will tend to be broader and more open than that of a traditional mower, because of the way your robot mower traverses the ground without causing damage.

How often should you mow your lawn with a robot mower?

Onto the mowing schedule, and this is where opinions differ based on how the ground is used and how you want the lawn to be presented.

With a robot mower, the frequency of mowing tends to be more regular than that of a traditional mower. This is because robot mowers optimise lawn health by taking a smaller cut but doing so more regularly – keeping the grass sward and height consistent across the entire area.

If you are managing a pitch or professional sports field, you might find that the frequency of mowing is impacted by training and the need to keep the pitch or field at a consistent density and height. Similarly, those who manage commercial spaces may be limited in mowing windows, which can create large gaps between each mow.

Suffice to say, as a general rule the mowing timetable for your robot mower will depend on your specific needs and availability – though schedules can always be programmed into the app for remote mowing ease.

How often do you need to replace a robot mower blade?

While robot mowers are incredibly low maintenance and just require some light cleaning for most of the mowing season, there are times when you will need to replace the blades.

Again, the timescales surrounding this will depend on how often you mow your lawn. However, the blades must be kept sharp to optimise mowing and ensure efficiency – which is why replacing the blades every couple of months is recommended.

NOTE: As well as changing the blades, during the mowing season it is important to regularly brush grass clippings off your mower and clean it. This is because as grass clippings collect in the blades and inner mechanics of your mower, they can deteriorate the efficiency of the device over time.

When should your mower be moved inside – and for how long?

The winter season is when your robot mower should be retired for a period of time. Not only are you not mowing your grass during this time, but if left outside your mower can become damaged by adverse weather conditions and potential flooding.

Yes, mowers are weatherproof and waterproof, but winter is a good opportunity to move them somewhere dry and complete a thorough clean of the machine and mechanical components. You should also check the battery on your device and look to replace it once its maximum charge reaches a capacity of less than 75%.

The same is true of the charging portal. While this is again weatherproof, taking it inside for a thorough clean during the winter months is a good way to really protect the full system and ensure it remains in excellent working order for many seasons to come.

Are robot mowers a year-round investment?

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your lawn mowing and maximise your use of resources, then a robot mower could well be the perfect investment for you.

Designed to operate where and when you need them to, these mowers are programmed via an app and deliver a concise and consistent cut across your chosen expanse of lawn – cutting to a specified height while mulching clippings back into the ground to promote growth.

As you would expect with any lawn mower, the winter season is a time to leave your grass or lawn alone. However, from early spring through to the start of winter, your robot mower will complete your ideal mowing schedule on time, returning itself to the charging portal when it’s done.

For more information on robot mowers and to discuss whether it could be a good investment for you, get in touch with your local suppliers today.

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