The Future of Line Marking: How Technology is Changing the Game

The Future of Line Marking: How Technology is Changing the Game

Ground maintenance is an industry which is increasingly being supported by technology – whether it be an app which creates and shares a planting calendar, or an automated robotic tool which completes a job for you.

Published: October 2023

Robotic mowers have already taken their place in the spotlight of outdoor maintenance, uniting convenience with ingenuity and enabling private landowners and commercial groundskeepers alike to save time and energy on lawn mowing.

But there’s another form of maintenance robot which is changing the game, particularly across sports pitches and courses across all levels. Line marking robots have become the latest must-have in the grounds maintenance industry – encompassing another very manual and very time-consuming task and delivering efficient and precise results with ease.

Keep reading to discover more about how this technology works and to determine if an automated line marking service is a good investment for you.

How does the line marking tool work?

To understand the role – and benefits – of an automated robot line marker, you first need to recognise the importance of lines and other details across a sports field, pitch, or course.

Lines are what make or break a game. If we consider football as a classic example, professional grounds in particular require precise, consistent, and clear lining from the outskirts of the pitch to the intricate lines around the goals and penalty boxes. Not only is line marking crucial for the players to balance and manage their own game, but it also ensures that the crowds can follow the game and support teams accordingly.

And it’s not just the professional grounds that benefit. Access to clean and accurate lines is just as important on training pitches and local community grounds – and autonomous line marking tools ensure that this is not only possible but a priority for site managers.

The role of the robotic line marking tool is to follow the pre-programmed layout of the pitch or course in an app, accessing the data to ensure that all the right lines are reinstated and fine-tuned.

What’s more, line marking robots have recently become even smarter, now enabling site owners and ground maintenance teams to add a little life and personality to their grounds with creative designs. Whether it’s a team logo, image, or even a slogan, line marking tools make it possible for your designs to be brought to life in the middle of the pitch or field.  

The benefits of a line marking robot

Now that we’ve covered the role of a line marking robot and what it can do, it’s time to talk about the benefits. When it comes to scheduling line marking into your maintenance routine across a sports pitch or outside space, it’s fair to say that this is a task which takes some time.

Opting for an autonomous line marking service saves you both time and money, not least because the robot can follow the programmed layout and achieve a precise finish with incredible efficiency, but also because it can work at any time that suits you. By using our industry-leading equipment, your maintenance team is free to focus on other tasks that matter and that impact the quality and design of your grounds.

The addition of the creative marking function further enhances the benefits of this robot, as it makes it possible to personalise your grounds with a high-quality and well-executed design. We encompass the design itself and the execution as part of the service, ensuring that the design we create can be translated onto your pitch with ease.

Other benefits of this service include the accuracy of the final markings and the fact that we endeavour to keep this service as affordable as possible for our clients.

Is line marking a service worth investing in?

At the moment, line marking is a service we offer using the industry-leading tool available to us. This service includes an initial site visit to ascertain the scale of the pitch and area that needs to be marked, followed by a consultation to determine what you want to achieve and to discuss any creative additions or designs. At a time that suits you, the team will arrive on-site with our line marker, following the pre-programmed outline on a connected tablet, which the robot follows with minute precision.

The benefits of this service far outweigh the alternative – which for most site managers and maintenance teams involves paying a contractor to come in and manually paint the lines, or else set about completing the manual task in-house.

With time-saving benefits and efficiency, as well as the quality and consistency of the lines, all major benefits (particularly across sports grounds and pitches), the standard upheld by a professional and robotic line marking service is unmatched.

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