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Your Space: Your Way

With automated robotic mowers suitable for all outdoor spaces, we’ve got a range of solutions that will enable you to sit back and enjoy gardening again. Say goodbye to mundane turf management and the weekly cutting of the grass, and hello to an innovative solution which literally lets you set it and forget it.

Managed via an app, which connects to your mower and allows you to program your specific grass height, as well as highlight potential obstacles,, it couldn’t be easier to
outsource the management of your garden so that you can finally just enjoy it -rather than spending your weekends running the mower back and forth.

Our Vision = Your Value

When you invest in a robotic mower, you give yourself the gift of time, convenience, and value. But that’s not all. A robotic mower is also a gift to your surroundings and to the environment, with the operations of the mower enabling the minute grass clippings to be mulched back into the ground as a 100% natural fertiliser – all while minimising damage and allowing the ground to breathe.

By cutting carbon emissions and costs, the robotic mower is a self-charging tool which
returns to its station once the job is done – adapting to its surroundings and navigating even the most complex of garden spaces.

There is no garden too big or small for a robotic mower-with GroundTech, boasting a range of mowers designed for you.

Simply reach out to our experts to discuss how our domestic packages work, and how you can optimise your enjoyment of the great outdoors with a brand new gardening assistant.