Kress Commercial 60V 55cm Short Shaft Fixed (0°) Pole Hedge Trimmer


Introducing commercial-grade short shaft(0°)pole hedge trimmer, Its fixed angle and short shaft provide professionals with the perfect reach, making it an essential asset in landscaping. Designed for comfort, the balanced fixed pole design ensures optimal weight distribution during prolonged use. This trimmer boasts a powerful motor and an extended blade length, ensuring cutting efficiency equivalent to 25 cc power output. The high cutting speed, along with a laser-cut steel blade, maximizes precision. With optimized components for reduced weight and extended rubber sleeves for ergonomic comfort, it guarantees a comfortable, efficient, and dependable experience for professionals.

  • High cutting efficiency:Powered by Kress build brushless motor along with long laser cut steel blade, it delivers 25 cc-equivalent power output, ensuring cutting speed and precision.
  • Optimized for comfort: The well-balanced design, optimized components reducing weight and a longer rubber sleeve for enhanced ergonomics, it assures comfort and control during extended operations.
  • Easy reach: Whether trimming the sides or tops of hedges this Kress short shaft hedge trimmer improves mobility and handling.
  • Kress-built commercial-grade brushless motors provide more power, longer runtime, and extended lifespan over brush-type motors.


4.2 kg



Integrated Track & Trace system for remote management, as well as a theft and malfunction alert system.

Electromagnetic guidance system, allowing you to set the boundaries of your desired mowing area and leave your robot to do its job.

Retractable blades which retract when an obstacle is identified – ensuring no undue damage to plants, flower beds and trees.

Remote control via the app, which allows you to tailor mowing times, adjust cutting heights, designate specific commands, or simply monitor the output - from the convenience of your smartphone or web browser.

Flexible pricing options – available on enquiry.

Remote updates mean that your automated solutions will never become outdated or get left behind as new models are released.

A homing beacon which sees your equipment return to its charging station when the task is complete.

Floating heads which adapt automatically to the terrain, optimising every millimetre of grass cutting and ensuring a clean, consistent

High performance sound insulation.

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