Kress Commercial 60V 42cm/16.5” Front Motor Line Trimmer


This line trimmer is engineered to conquer the most frequent landscaping tasks in commercial scenarios with agility and power. The industry-leading technology that guarantees superior bending stiffness and impact resistance over competition, ensuring unparalleled lightweight and durability. Weighing in under 3.0 kg, this trimmer is one of the market’s lightest, offering landscapers unparalleled comfort for extended use. At its heart is the Kress-built commercial-grade brushless motor that provides enhanced power, longer runtime, and an extended lifespan when compared to conventional brush-type motors. The trimmer provide sufficient output power to guarantee excellent cutting efficiency to handle a myriad of work conditions. Featuring Rapid Line Reload technology, downtime is minimized, enabling you to maximize productivity by saving precious working time. Get your hands on our new trimmer for a seamless, efficient, and comfortable landscaping experience.

  • Superior Performance: This Kress line trimmer is engineered to provide exceptional power to complete the tough landscaping applications.
  • Lightweight design: Designed with a carbon fiber sahft and commercial front mount motor, this 3.0 kg line trimmer is perfect for all day use.
  • Rapid line reload head: significnicantly reduced downtime, easily installs replacement line.
  • Kress-built commercial-grade brushless motors provide more power, longer runtime, and extended lifespan over brush-type motors.


3 kg



Integrated Track & Trace system for remote management, as well as a theft and malfunction alert system.

Electromagnetic guidance system, allowing you to set the boundaries of your desired mowing area and leave your robot to do its job.

Retractable blades which retract when an obstacle is identified – ensuring no undue damage to plants, flower beds and trees.

Remote control via the app, which allows you to tailor mowing times, adjust cutting heights, designate specific commands, or simply monitor the output - from the convenience of your smartphone or web browser.

Flexible pricing options – available on enquiry.

Remote updates mean that your automated solutions will never become outdated or get left behind as new models are released.

A homing beacon which sees your equipment return to its charging station when the task is complete.

Floating heads which adapt automatically to the terrain, optimising every millimetre of grass cutting and ensuring a clean, consistent

High performance sound insulation.

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