Case Study: Stock Brook Manor Golf Course

The Brief:

GroundTech takes immense pride in delivering top-of-the-line solutions. Our recent ball-picking project at Stock Brook Manor Golf Course demonstrates our commitment to excellence, leveraging cutting-edge technology for flawless performance.

The Project and Challenges:

GroundTech’s ball-picking project at Stock Brook Manor Golf Course showcased our unrivalled expertise and innovative technology. Using our advanced Ballpicker RTK system, we efficiently managed the range across three zones, including a night-only Front Zone, a Full Zone excluding closest-hitting areas, and an HD Zone with high-density ball-hitting spots and four GPS no-go zones for precision.

The Results

Additionally, we deployed the cutting-edge Bigmow RTK system to manage the practice course in three zones, mirroring the Ballpicker setup. This approach ensured seamless coordination and avoided disruptions during opening hours. With a total of 14 GPS no-go zones protecting sensitive areas like bunkers, greens, and trees, we executed the project flawlessly, leaving both golfers and management highly satisfied with the results.

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